Moving between {} blocks

Hi all , How can i jump between {} pair blocks .  [{ ]} [] ][  work only if  { } are placed in the first column ?
I did a temporary solution :  noremap <c-b> /{<cr>  and move around with  n and N but this not what i want.
shhhh i am trying to think

accumulating text in a register?

I thought I remembered that this was easy but now I can't remember how to do it...

How do you accumulate text in a register? I want to read through a text and copy the interesting lines into a register, then paste those lines together at the end of the text. It's kind of a pain to yank, jump down to the end of the text, paste, and then jump back to my reading point.

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Hi all !
Vim is cool ! But I need also one thing. Ctags and omnicompletion is good
but sometimes i want to preview an object properties and methods
exactly of that class wich object is an instance of. For example : 
$myobj = new MyClass;

$myobj->(here is a list of available properties and methods dropdown)
MyClass::(here is the same list dropdown)
$this->(here is a list of current class vars and functions)

Any hints ?
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I was working on a script and I had to force kill vim (pkill vim). Next time I start it up it complains about the .swp file being there and asks if I want to recover from that. I say no and drop back to the console and do a rm instead of rm Now I don't have my script! I still have the .swp file though. Is my script in there anywhere?

Effective Use of the .

The . command is, naturally, one of the most powerful basic commands in vim. But I'm having a problem with it.

In editing HTML files, I have a number of useful macros that will insert attributes for me:

    <span>The cursor is an underlined character.</span>

If I hit `y<SPACE>, I get here:

    <span style="">The cursor is an underlined character.</span>

And I'm in Insert mode, ready to type. The problem is if I try to . this command:

    <span style="footer">The cursor is an underlined character.</span>
    <span>The cursor is still an underlined character.</span>

If I hit . at this point, I get this:

    <span style="footer">The cursor is an underlined character.</span>
    <spanfooter>The cursor is still an underlined character.</span>

The weird thing is that I don't really exit Insert mode, but I do recognize the problem: Insert mode is exited if I use an arrow key, which is used for making style=""<Left>. So, in brief, what I'm looking for:

I want a way to move the cursor left or right whilst in Insert mode, and for that information to be preserved when using the . command. So, I could type (in Insert mode) this is ""<Left>Sparta!, go somewhere else, and the . it and get the whole thing, rather than just Sparta!. Any ideas?

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Move to top of a file

If G moves to the end of the file, is there a key that moves to the top of the file? I've been using :1 but that's not ideal. I can do dG to delete from the current line to the end. Is there a way to do the same, but to the top of the file?

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Are there any music players based on VIM?
If no, then can anybody create one?

Народ, а нету случайно музыкальных плейеров на основе VIM? Чтобы с плейлистом, знакомыми горячими клавишами... Я пользуюсь плейлистами по 6 тысяч наименований и AmaroKи с такими объемами не справляются, CLI интерфейсу такое нипочем.
Если нету, то может быть кто-нибудь такое напишет?